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First off, thank you for taking the time to check out the rules, we appreciate it. We hope that the Squishy Squawk box will be a fun and helpful feature, so please enjoy! We do have to ask you to please abide by these simple rules. If you appreciate the squawk feature, please do not risk your account by breaking the rules. As per our Terms & Conditions, if you break any of these rules, your account may be terminated or at a minimum, you will be banned from the Squawk and possibly other SquishyCash features.

1. Spamming
This is simple. No advertisements of any kind. Do not ask fellow members for money. Do not post the same message over and over again. Do not post referral links, links to competitors websites, or your email address in an attempt to give out or obtain these links. Also, do not advertise that you have private tips on how to complete offers. Remember, this is a SquishyCash feature, please respect it.

2. Cursing
Simple; do not curse or use profanity. Please keep your posts clean and friendly.

3. Trial Offer Cancellation Posts
This is strictly prohibited. Our advertisers spend good money to offer a trial of their product to you. Canceling or discussing canceling trials early is against both the Squawk rules and our Terms & Conditions. This rule also applies to posts about instantly removing a download your were paid to install. We ask you to please respect our advertisers.

4. Discussion of Similar Sites
Discussing other sites and/or posting advertisements is strictly prohibited.

5. Posting About Pending Offers & Crediting Issues
Questions about pending offers are constantly being asked. This is because our advertisers use cookie based tracking, so that if you do not complete offers correctly, they will not credit. Posting about your pending offers will not help your offers get approved quicker. All information you need to know about offers crediting can be found in the FAQ section of the site. If you have any further questions in regards to your pending offers that is not contained within that section, please contact us, we're always happy to help.

6. Complaints About Offers
The Squawk is not a place to complain about offers in any way, shape or form. Questions are permitted but we urge you to first direct your questions to the support section on SquishyCash. Complaining about the length of an offer, requirements, or crediting are all topics that are not permitted.

7. False and/or Negative Information About SquishyCash
Please make sure your posts are informative and accurate.

8. Complaints About Companies
Make sure that if you complain about a certain company you have already carefully read their terms of service. Posting falsehoods about advertisers is strictly prohibited.

9. Flaming
Name calling, fighting or any other unpleasant type of behavior is not tolerated. The Squawk is meant to be a peaceful, fun feature, so let's try to keep it that way.

10. No Adult Content
Along with no cursing, any type of vulgar, adult content will not be tolerated. We are a kid friendly website and want to keep it as clean as possible. Please keep all potential offensive remarks to yourself.

11. English Only
Speaking any other language in the Squawk is not allowed.

12. Inappropriate Behavior
SquishyCash is not a dating site. Please do not try and "pick up" on another member via the squawk. Also, private conversations are not allowed on the squawk, if you would like to have a private conversation, please do so via messenger or email. The squawk is for SquishyCash support and light conversation, please keep this in mind while posting.

Please remember that what is seen in the Squishy Squawk box is a reflection of SquishyCash directly; please do your best to represent us well!


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